The Power of Grace

This winter we want to highlight the stark reality for those who are alone on the streets this winter, and how a little grace from you and I can change a life.

Constantine didn’t receive much kindness or grace when he was living on the streets. “During the winter you’ve got nowhere to go so you wander the streets all day in the pouring rain. You try sitting in the station but the police just move you on. Which is no fault of them they’re just doing their job, but then you’re back out on the streets again just wandering around.”

He was often at risk of violence and abuse. “Somebody shouted ‘oh there’s a human slug - let’s see if we can get him squashed’ and dragged me into the road in my sleeping bag. If you’re sleeping there’s drunk people, youngsters around who are trying it on… Let’s have a laugh, let’s pee on him, let’s see if we can set fire to him”.

Christmas for Constantine was not the season of goodwill. “At Christmas you sit around and you see people and they’re all buying presents and you’re just so depressed because you’re not doing any of that, chances are you’re sitting begging.”

Then Grace broke in. “The Bethany Care Shelter saved my life. At night at the door of the Church and you just know that tonight I’m gonna have a warm place, it’s gonna be safe, I’m gonna be able to sleep”. Bethany offers grace and kindness in the shape of a warm bed, love, security and support.  With Bethany’s help, Constantine moved into the Bethany Christian Centre and then Bethany House where he began to rebuild his life. Now Constantine is looking forward to celebrating Christmas in his own Bethany flat proving that grace can truly transform people’s lives.


Can you Give Grace this winter?

Constantine has found grace and support through Bethany’s services but there are many people struggling on the streets this winter. Please donate to our winter appeal today so we can show even more people that they are loved and deserve a place to call home.


£21: “You know you’re sleeping rough at night in a city. Violence, abuse, become like you-know”
This gift provides a hot meal, a safe, warm bed & specialist support for someone who would otherwise be forced to sleep outside. This gift can save a life.

£75: “If you have nobody in this city, it's very lonely and can be a frightening place”
This gift (or £5p/m with Gift Aid) pays for a weekly drop-in to support homeless and isolated people gain skills & build confidence. This gift can give meaning to life.

£250: “It’s not all bad. Look at me, I’ve turned my life around. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have made it”
£250 (or £16p/m + Gift Aid) funds 3 months support for someone who has been homeless & is resettling in the community. This gift can change a life.

Bethany Christian Trust

Established in 1983, Bethany Christian Trust supports over 7,000 people across Scotland. Our mission is to end homelessness in Scotland, one person at a time.

We work with families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction.

Our services focus on homelessness prevention, crisis intervention and housing with support, alleviating the suffering of people who are homeless in Scotland.

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