Bethany Christian Trust has been supporting people to find a route out of homelessness for the last 35 years. Ending homelessness in Scotland is ambitious and therefore requires an ambitious campaign to resource. 

Home to Stay is our ambitious campaign. We need more people to come on board with us and commit to regular giving. Regular giving enables us to both sustain and develop our range of services we operate across Scotland. For only £8.33 per month, you can make a huge difference and save a life. 

So how can we get involved?  Either sign up to a direct debit of £8.33 per month or contact us for a house box and commit to saving £100 of change over 12 months.

By joining this campaign you can be part of ending homelessness in Scotland one person at a time. Every day there is good news shared by people who use our support - good news that the cycle of homelessness has been broken. Your contribution is vital.

Bethany Christian Trust

Ending homelessness in person at a time

That’s what we’re all about. Every year, thanks to people like you, we are supporting over 7,000 people in Scotland.

We’re working with individuals and local communities across Scotland to prevent homelessness.

We support families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction. The need for our services is growing and your support is vital.

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